Camden as a canvas

Andrew  Edinburgh
Camden as a canvas


Street art is everywhere in London, especially places like Camden. Making the streets of London a gallery in themselves. And a walk to the shops a browse, if you keep your eyes peeled.

Imagery on the street has come a long way, no longer is it just considered graffiti, or an affront to descent social behaviour. Street art has become an art genre in it's own right.  

While there might be a few people that disapprove, I've never met one, in fact most seem to think that it,'colours your life', if they notice at all. And it's worth keeping an eye open, there are some beautiful works out there to see. As a curator once told me, 'If you want to see London, look up'. Not always easy as it's a good idea to watch where you're treading as well.

They can be in the most unlikely of places. Stunning good works of art can be seen on walls, doors, railway arches and in alleyways. It may even be dangerous to to leave a space empty. While you're building a block of flats, the hoarding could well be decorated. So much so, that it's almost become normal, if not expected. It's amazing to think how many talented artists there are out there and how much people are willing to share and beautify their world.  

From the purely aesthetic to the political and social statement art is everywhere in London. You can wander around by yourself, or join a walking tour, there are several, which will short cut you, depending how you feel about two or three hours on your feet, to a 

few creative, amusing, surprising and even famous pieces ( Yes, we have Banksy in Camden).


Often not appreciated, they do get weathered and, sadly, they are sometimes graffitied over or even vandalised themselves. But, I guess, that goes with the territory.

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