European Freelancers Week Events At The Studio Camden

European Freelancers Week Events At The Studio Camden

People of London want to give you a heads up about three Meet Up's we are running this week as part of European Freelancers Week! (#EFweek)

 We run three regular Meet Up's here at The Studio, and we are to doing a better job of connecting you all and inviting you to each meetup! 

This week the Meet Ups are particularly useful if you are a London based Freelancer, consultant, artist, Maker, author PT, creative or all-around independent economic agent, you get the picture!

There are 150+ events around Europe as part of the European Freelancer Week. 

Also, there is a whole page of deals for Freelancers here.

The deals are from our friends, Social Bee,, FreeAgent, Freelance First Aid, Impact Hub and of course we’ve added our own here!

The Deals: Check them all out here.


The Meet Ups

Tuesday morning 11 am - 1 pm - RSVP Here - London Bloggers Meet Up

Learn how to How To Build Your Freelance Practice With Your Blog.

The best place you have of letting people know what you are about and getting new clients is YOUR WEBSITE, and we are often stuck, ashamed and now articulating our real passion and expertise on our website.

Tuesdays meet up will set you off on the path to being 'large and in charge' of how you conduct yourself online.


Wednesday 6:30 pm - 9 pm Freelance Heros Drinks and Pizza - RSVP here

Freelance Heros is a 4k strong Facebook group for UK based freelancers; it is full of fun, human and supportive people. 

You need to be a member of the group - join for free here (entry is ONLY for freelancers)

To RSVP for drinks and pizza head for the Event section of the Facebook Group here.

It is £10 to come, and that includes fantastic Italian pizza from the place by Camden Road station and beer or soft drinks.

We'd love you to join this and connect with other London based Freelancers so we can support each other.

And many thanks for FreeAgent for supporting this event! - Check out their #EFWeek deal for you here.


Friday - Write Club - RSVP here

We do this every Friday!

Also, it is still the best place in London to ramp up your focus and productivity and get those words out of your head and onto the screen, or paper!

For example, this would be a great place to write all the copy for your website that you had ideas about on Tuesday at London Bloggers Meet Up or show notes for your podcast!


Finally, November 6th is London Podcast Community 'face to face' Meet Up - RSVP here

This meetup is such a great place to chat with other podcasters both experienced and new to the game.

I promise that you’ll pick at least one nugget on tech or workflow that will save you weeks of trying to work something out on your podcast.


Don’t forget to check those European Freelancer Week Deals here


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