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[Page last updated 22st March 2020, 15:57]

Taking care of our members

[Last updated 21st March 2020, 17:30]

As a valued member of The Studio Workspace, we are informing you regarding the precautionary measures we are taking as a workspace in regards to COVID-19. Our number one priority is always the wellbeing of our members and our staff.

Changes made at The Studio Workspace

As of Monday 16th March, our professional cleaners have changed the cleaning products to anti-bacterial and medical grade, in order to make sure we are reducing the spread of any bacteria every day.

We have replaced all hand wash liquids with anti-bacterial hand wash, in order to keep our community as safe as possible.

We understand that you may have questions, or would like to receive more information on The Studio Workspace operations and how they affect you. As such, we have now setup a WhatsApp so you can reach us quickly. Please add us and reach out with any questions.

 Message us on WhatsApp

Taking care of your mental health

For those of you self-isolating, we understand this can affect your mental health, and so we are setting up a virtual meet-up and check-in with members of The Studio Workspace, to help and support each other through these trying times. The Studio Workspace members are what make this a great community, and we want this to continue through the tough times. Even though you may be alone, we want you to know that you are not alone.

Read more about our virtual meet-ups

News from the Government

[Last updated 22st March 2020, 15:57]

The government is now advising that all members of the public try to isolate if possible. This means working from home wherever possible to reduce the chances of spreading the virus.

We have collected a few links from the Government below which we hope you will find useful.

Links from the government

Isolation 101

Isolation 101

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