Términos y Condiciones

Términos y condiciones generales

I do hereby apply for membership at The Studio Workspace. If accepted, I agree to adhere to the terms and conditions of The Studio Workspace. All information shall be treated in the strictest confidence.

Further considerations:

  1. Additional charges: Additional charges to membership may include phone line rental/charges, locker rental, printing and copying costs and meeting room costs.
  2. Additions to membership: All details of any additional members should be e-mailed to the Membership Manager in advance of their membership start date. Any charges for additions are to be discussed separately to this agreement.
  3. Review: Membership continuation after 1st September 2019 to be reviewed before the 30th August 2020). (1) The Studio by D2W (“The Studio Workspace”); and (2) The company or individual (“the Member”) as detailed on the Membership Agreement.


  1. The Studio agrees to permit the Member to work from and in a space known as The Studio Workspace (the “Premises”) at 61-63 Rochester Place, London NW1 9JU (the “Building”) for a period beginning on the date recorded in the Membership Agreement and ending when either party terminates the Membership Agreement (“Agreement”).
  2. The Member shall make use of the Premises in accordance with their membership tariff type and as set out in the Agreement and these Terms and Conditions.
  3. These Terms and Conditions together with the Agreement (“the Contract”) is granted to give the Member the benefit of the permitted use of the Premises which shall remain under the management and control of The Studio Workspace. This Contract does not give the Member exclusive possession of the Premises nor of any other part of the Building. The Studio Workspace is entitled to use the Premises at any time and place other Members in the Premises.

PAYMENT 4. An initial security deposit equal to one month’s membership fee 5. The Member shall during the period of the Agreement pay the following fees to The Studio Workspace: i. monthly Membership fees as detailed on the signed Membership Agreement (paid in advance); ii. Membership services such as registered post box, storage and phone line rental (if applicable), paid in advance); iii. additional Membership services phone call charges, printing charges, and other such charges (paid in arrears); iv. meeting room bookings and catering bought and used in the last month (paid in arrears); v. refundable access card deposit; vi. any applicable VAT on the above. 6. Payment shall where possible, be by Direct Debit which will be taken on a date to be determined by The Studio Workspace and after the relevant invoice has been sent to the Member. 7. Where it is not possible for the Member to pay by Direct Debit, for instance where the Member is making an international payment, the payment method and process are to be agreed in advance with The Studio Workspace. There will be a monthly administration charge of £10 plus VAT in respect of Membership fees not paid by Direct Debit which will be applied entirely at the discretion of The Studio Workspace. 8. If the Membership fee or any other sum payable by the Member is not paid on the due date pursuant to this Contract, the Member shall in addition pay to The Studio Workspace interest on the relevant sum at a rate of 3% above Barclays Bank plc base rate (or an equivalent rate designated by The Studio Workspace and agreed by the Member) from the due date until the date of payment (inclusive). 9. If the Membership fee or any amount owing is in arrears for 30 days after it has become due or in the event of any breach of the Contract on the part of the Member, The Studio Workspace may terminate this Contract immediately.

CHANGES TO MEMBERSHIP & ADDITIONAL AGREEMENTS 10. The Member must notify The Studio Workspace of any desired amendments (other than termination) to the memberships such as additional individuals, upgrades and downgrades to tariffs, and do so with as much notice as possible and with a minimum of 30 days’ notice in writing. 11. The Member must notify The Studio Workspace as soon as reasonably possible of all individuals within the membership, and of any changes in individuals within the membership, in order for The Studio Workspace to update its records and ensure each individual within the Membership has access. 12. The Member and The Studio Workspace may at any time mutually agree upon and execute new Membership Agreements or amend existing agreements. Any amendments shall be set out in writing and shall reflect the changed services, fees and any other terms agreed between the parties. 13. The Studio Workspace may require the Member to sign additional agreements for the procurement of other services (such as catering, meeting room and event bookings) and these additional agreements will be bound by this Contract with the exception of specific clauses superseded by and specific to the additional agreements.

TERMINATION 14. A full calendar month charge will be paid by the member if the member give notice to cancel this contract within the fixed contractual term 15. Where The Member has been found guilty of gross misconduct The Studio Workspace may terminate the Contract at any time upon giving the Member 30 days’ notice in writing. 16. The Member may terminate the Contract at the end of the Contract term by giving a minimum of 30 days’ notice in advance of the end of the membership term and doing so in writing to The Studio Workspace. 17. If the Contract is terminated immediately under clause 13 above, the Member shall immediately vacate the premises, complying with the Member obligations under clause 40. Not with standing termination of this Contract pursuant to clauses 13 or 14, the provisions of clauses 7 and 24 shall remain in full force and effect.

MEMBER OBLIGATIONS 18. If the Member is a company, organisation or group of more than one person, their obligations are joint and several. Each is separately liable for all obligations under this Contract. 19. This Contract is personal to the Member and cannot be transferred, sub-contracted or sub-licensed. The Member is not entitled to permit anyone other than those employed by or having business with the Member to have access to the Premises.


The Member agrees to: 20. Follow the standards of behaviour and etiquette as set out in the Member Handbook or in The Studio Workspace’s policies or as updated by the The Studio Workspace team from time to time. Members must not behave in any way which is abusive, interfering, annoying, disturbing, intimidating or otherwise to other occupiers or visitors. 21. Ensure that any visitors to the Member in the Premises adhere to the same standard of behaviour required of the Member, and any Guest policy in place, also set out in the Member Handbook. The Member will be liable for the behaviour of their visitors. 22. Work co-operatively with The Studio Workspace to implement any of The Studio Workspace’s proposals, in particular those which have the object of enhancing the environmental sustainability of the building (including proposals relating to sustainable procurement, energy reduction, sustainable waste management and recycling arrangements). 23. Participate in The Studio Workspace surveys in order to measure the effectiveness of The Studio Workspace in supporting the Member and provide The Studio Workspace with any other information reasonably required. 24. Follow the acceptable use policy and any code of practice associated with any of The Studio Workspace’s shared online resources and networks. 25. Be added to The Studio Workspace’s mailing list for receiving communications from The Studio Workspace. 26. Keep The Studio Workspace fully and effectually indemnified against all liabilities, actions, costs, loss of profits, claims and demands arising out of use and occupation of the Premises. This includes any loss of profits arising from The Studio Workspace’s failure of internet provisions. 27.During the Contract period, comply, at the Member’s expense, with all the requirements of any legislation in force for the time being insofar as it may be applicable to the use being made of the Premises or any part thereof and to keep The Studio Workspace fully and effectually indemnified against the consequence of any breach or non-observance of any such requirements as foresaid. 28.Report immediately to The Studio Workspace whenever any key, access card or other means of access is lost. 29. Observe any security and safety regulations for the use of the Premises or the Building of which it forms part of which The Studio Workspace may make from time to time. 30. Pay all fees due for any TV Licence required for the Member’s use in respect of the Premises, any payment to be discussed with the Member in advance of any charge being made.

The Member agrees NOT to: 31. Use the Premises or any part of it for any activities which are dangerous, offensive, noxious, illegal or immoral or which are or may become a nuisance or which may contravene any statute order or by-law or constitute an annoyance to The Studio Workspace or other members or occupiers of any neighbouring premises, nor allow anyone else to do so. 32. Sub-license, share or sub-sell access or use of any internet, telecommunications or information technology services to or with any party (including without limitation with any other occupier of the Building).

  1. Make alterations to the Premises or damage the Premises, the decorations, furniture or furnishings and to keep the Premises in good repair.
  2. Act in a way which will or may result in the insurance of The Studio Workspace in relation to the Building being voidable or in the premium being increased nor allow anyone else to do so.
  3. Display any notice or advertisement on the outside of the Premises or visible from outside it.
  4. Bring any animals into the Building at any time with the exception of recognised guide dogs or assistance dogs.
  5. Use the Premises for the purpose of residential accommodation, and not to sleep overnight in the Premises.
  6. Cook or make hot food at the Premises.
  7. Install any computer servers or other similar equipment in the accommodation without The Studio Workspace’s consent in writing.
  8. Interfere with the conduct of The Studio Workspace’s business.


  1. The Member agrees that there is no responsibility at the expiration of the Contract for The Studio Workspace to provide other Premises for the Member.
  2. Upon relocation to another premise, or when the Contract ends, the Member must return the Premises to The Studio Workspace, including all means of access to the Premises (such as access cards), leaving them in their original state and condition, clean and tidy and otherwise in the condition which this Contract requires the Member to keep them and with all alterations removed (unless The Studio Workspace otherwise requires).
  3. If applicable, the Member must immediately amend all records of The Studio Workspace having been the Member’s registered office address and make arrangement for mail redirection as soon as possible.
  4. If the Member fails to comply with its obligations in this regard, The Studio Workspace will be entitled to take the requisite remedial action and the Member will pay The Studio Workspace on demand all costs and expenses incurred (plus any applicable VAT).

GENERAL 45. This Contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of the United Kingdom and the parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts. 46. The Member agrees to adhere to any future versions of these terms and conditions, and changes to which will be reasonable and within the spirit of the current version. 47. The Member understands that The Studio Workspace is granting the Member a revocable agreement and that as a Member is not protected by the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954. Unlike a tenant, the Member shall not be entitled to security of tenure under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 and exclusive possession has not been granted to The Member. The Member agrees not to impede or interfere with The Studio Workspace’s right of possession and control of the Premises.

DISCLAIMERS 48. Should The Member choose to vacate the agreed upon space for any reason within the contractual period then expenses associated with the return of the space to its initial design and layout will be deducted from The Member’s security deposit. 49. This agreement is valid only until the required minimum term, after which a new membership contract must be established between The Member and The Studio Workspace. 50. No amendments may be made to The Studio Workspace’s current fixtures and fittings without the express, written consent of the Directors of The Studio Workspace. 51. Any damages sustained to the Premises of The Studio Workspace by the Member will be paid for in full by the Member 52. Upon termination of the Membership, The Member must return the agreed upon space and furnishings to The Studio Workspace in the same condition in which they were received.


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