Why do startups like coworking spaces?

Simone Eder
Why do startups like coworking spaces?
The startup ecosystem shares a natural affinity with the coworking ecosystem.
A new way of doing things attracts a different way of thinking.
The innovation in workspace is ideal for startups that enjoy conducting enterprise in your own terms.

Coworking spaces are efficient and foster natural synergies between members in an open environment of likeminded people. Coworking is shared economy that benefits everyone.

Long term office leases do not fit the agile startup mentality whether a startup is just getting things off the ground or scaling the business.

What are the benefits of coworking for startups?

Startups often start as a single entrepreneur or small team with an idea.  A coworking space offers the surrounding, people and environment to foster these ideas and turn them into value.

Coworking spaces are designed with collaboration in mind and offer an environment for startups to draw from the synergy of knowledge, support and network that surrounds them.

Events, mentoring and the wider network you build can be the key in taking a startup from idea to business.

Coworking supports innovative thinking 

Surrounded by the pace of productivity, startups benefit from an office environment where everyone is focused on getting their work done. No need to think about the facilities, furniture, coffee and everything that can go with regular office rental. Coworking supports fast-thinking, all you need is to move in and join a community.

Independent coworking spaces like The Studio prioritize relationships over facilities and it is the community that can make a real difference. The Studio is the professional work environment you need to support your idea and the community might not have known you needed to grow your business.

Flexible, inspiring and productive - coworking is the office environment you need while you start and grow. From a single desk to private office….The Studio is here to support your journey.

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